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Siemens Monitoring Service Uses Veros Technology

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 01, 2015

Siemens Industry Services introduces a new advanced monitoring service for the industrial market utilizing Veros Systems technology. Working with Veros, Siemens extends its condition monitoring services using high frequency measurements of currents and voltages to assess the operating performance and machine health of motors and their mechanical and electrical components.

As part of the data-driven service, customers see real-time information of their motors' output efficiency, torque, loading, power factor, speed and power quality. Customers receive predictive warnings of impending asset health issues such as bearing failures, rotor bar cracks, soft footing and bolt looseness, coupling issues, impeller cracks and seal leaks.

With the service, Siemens provides all necessary software, hardware and installation services under a fixed rate, annual service contract. No capital, installation or project management efforts are required from the customer. The plug and play nature of the service eliminates the need for additional sensors on the rotating equipment itself, according to the company.

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