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ISC Director Wins John A. Brodie Medal

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 14, 2015

The Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre (ISC) director, Trish Kerin, wins Engineers Australia - John A Brodie Medal – for her paper featuring a new process safety competency. The medal recognizes Kerin’s work and leadership in developing a blueprint for a global process safety action plan, according to the organization. 

The John A Brodie Medal is awarded by the Chemical College Board of Engineers Australia. It was presented at the recent annual Awards for Excellence in Chemical Engineering at the Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (incorporating Chemeca 2015). EA Chemical College Board chair, Dr Leon Prentice, presented the award, noting that Kerin’s paper provides a clear framework to create a culture of safety awareness and competency.

Kerin’s paper features ISC’s recently launched guidance works, “The Process Safety Competency – a Model 2015.” The document builds and expands on current thinking in the field. The ISC also launches, “Lead Process Safety Metrics – Selecting, Tracking and Learning 2015,” a document focused on the operational phase of an organization. It will help to develop consistency in lead process safety metrics and facilitate effective benchmarking, according to the organization.

The publications offer practical guidance and support for anyone involved with improving process safety performance. Both documents benefit operating companies in the major hazard industries and reflect current industry thinking and best practice, according to the organization.

For more information, visit www.icheme.org