3M and PIE Partner On STEM Education

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 09, 2015

Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE), which encourages case-based learning to give students a better understanding of how science relates to everyday tasks and future job opportunities, teams up with 3M to give Ohio middle school students a pragmatic obstacle to solve. 3M Milford plant engineers capture the attention of more than 600 sixth graders by creating a technical dilemma to determine what type of material should be used for a bandage, wrap or brace. Students test different variables such as the absorption rate and moisture dispersion of the sample fabrics.

“Case-based learning is about experiences, defining, analyzing, researching and giving a solution,” explains Mary Welsh Schlueter, chief executive officer of PIE.

Teachers and education officials are taking notice of the program. Northern Kentucky University steps in to help the students apply their newfound STEM knowledge toward two new mobile game applications, teaching them about coding and making it fun. The two game apps, Fabric Bounce and Flappy Fabric, are now available to download for Apple and Android devices.

For more information, visit: www.3M.com