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Sam Mannan to Present AVEVA-Sponsored Research on Safety in Shift Handover

By Chemical Processing staff

Apr 02, 2014

Dr. Sam Mannan will be present his research on improving safety during shift handover operations at the Houston Petroleum Club on April 15.

The research highlights the importance of a formal communications framework and efficient information management technology in improving safety during shift handover operations.

Dr Sam Mannan MKOPSC“Based on my research, the key aspect where technology can make a difference is the quality of information and how it is communicated”, said Mannan. “Without an effective asset management infrastructure, establishing and sustaining safety-oriented procedures can be very difficult. The industry must recognize that a lack of information management is going to cost them more money in the long run. Perfect shift handover would transmit 100 percent of the information from one shift to another and this can be achieved only by using a software based system.”

For more information, visit www.aveva.com/shift-handover-survey.