Environmental Health & Safety

European Project Targets CO2-Capture Costs

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 05, 2014


The European Union has signed a €10 million contract with a consortium of 16 European organizations for a project aimed at reducing the cost of carbon dioxide capture to under €15/ton. Participants include Total (France), Johnson Matthey (U.K.), Polymem (France) and HyGear (The Netherlands). The M4CO2 project will be coordinated by the Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, and will develop mixed-matrix membranes based on engineered metal-organic frameworks and polymers for continuous separation of CO2. Such membranes promise to be safer, more environmentally friendly and smaller than other options such as amine stripping. More details can be found at www.dechema.de/en/7_e.html.