Environmental Health & Safety

ACM Facility Safety Launches SafeGuard Profiler Safety System Software

By Chemical Processing staff

Jan 13, 2014

ACM Facility Safety introduces SafeGuard Profiler software, a design and analysis tool built to speed and simplifies safety system engineering and design. SafeGuard Profiler is a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) lifecycle tool that gives process automation professionals the information they need to conduct successful engineering failure analysis, SIL Determination, SIL Verification/Validation (SIL-V), SIL Optimization and other related tasks.

SafeGuard Profiler provides a two-pronged approach to analysis of safety systems and processes, using a LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) module and a SIL-V software module for designing and evaluating SIL-rated systems. The two modules work together to help improve and maintain process plant applications at all stages of development.

The LOPA module provides a Bowtie visualization, which helps users graphically visualize analysis processes rather than sifting through pages of spreadsheets and data tables. With Bowtie, process automation professionals can see how causes and consequences of hazardous events are connected in ways that traditional methods might miss.

The SIL-V module helps with the design and optimization of safety instrumented functions (SIFs) to ensure that the system meets safety requirements under IEC 61511—ANSI /ISA 84.0. Additionally, it can help determine optimal voting and test frequency for a specific SIF. Users can select the desired Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD), and the system will automatically calculate the required test interval, failure rate, partial stroke test coverage and other parameters.

For more information, visit www.safeguardprofiler.com.