IChemE Completes its First Training Program in Central Africa

By Chemical Processing staff

Jul 03, 2013

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) completed its first-ever training course in Central Africa. IChemE offered training to the engineering team working at a Shell oil terminal located just south of the equator in the Gamba region, IChemE said June 28.

The region is very challenging with climate, transport, health, wildlife, environmental issues, and its remoteness impacting oil production. Diversity of language and culture also adds to the complexity of operations and it was in this area.

IChemE offered a course on communication and presentation skills for engineers, led by Jamie Cleaver. Approximately 30 engineers attended the session.

In addition to French-speaking Gabonese personnel, Shell Gabon employs an international mix of staff, including people from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and other African countries. The wide age range and different levels of experience, from senior engineers to student interns, adds to the challenge of effective communication.

“Training communication skills always has heightened significance and value when working in-situ with established teams,” Cleaver said.  “I was able to tune the course to address specific needs of their department.  This gives benefit to departmental operations, as well as to individual team members.” 

For more information, visit www.icheme.org.