Environmental Health & Safety

Online Course Addresses OSHA's Updated Chemical SDS Rules

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 11, 2012

MSDSonline launched a new online workplace training course geared toward employees exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The course provides an in-depth look into each of OSHA’s 16 new styled safety data sheet (SDS) in the GHS format.

The course, entitled "Safety Data Sheets,” is the second in a series of three GHS compliance training courses being developed by MSDSonline. It follows MSDSonline's online training course, "Hazard Communication 2012," which MSDSonline released in May 2012 and covers OSHA's recently updated Hazard Communication Standard. The third course, to be released soon, will provide a comprehensive exploration of chemical product labeling requirements under GHS.

The updated course addresses OSHA’s major revision to its Hazard Communication Standard, based on guidance from the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. One of the chief revisions to the standard pertains to material safety data sheet requirements. For instance, in the revised HCS, the term MSDS has been modified to Safety Data Sheet
or SDS.

Information about the "Safety Data Sheets" training course is available at www.msdsonline.com/workplace-training/course-library.aspx, along with a listing of all of MSDSonline's workplace safety courses.