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ISA To Collaborate With German-Based Automation Association

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 12, 2012

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has begun working with representatives of German-based NAMUR, an international user association of automation technology companies in the chemical process industry, to assess how ISA can support NAMUR’s core objectives.

The associations plan to discuss ways to minimize its member companies’ costs associated with process control technology, increase access to appropriate process control technology and improve plant safety. The organizations also will work to foster greater collaboration between its company members and other

In an increasingly linked and interdependent global economy, fostering greater communication and cooperation among industry producers, automation technology companies, industry associations, government officials and educators is vital in sharing best practices, promoting innovation and weighing strategies to invigorate worldwide economic growth, according to ISA.

ISA and NAMUR already have identified five common working groups that offer immediate collaborative opportunities, including functional safety, wireless automation, IT security, selection of field flow devices and alarm management.

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