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ISA Publication Highlights Capabilities of Advanced Control Products

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 30, 2012

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has published a new book that explains the concepts and terminology of advanced control and highlights the advanced control tools and techniques most widely and effectively applied in the process industry today.

“Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques, and Applications” by Terrence  L. “Terry” Blevins, Willy K. Wojsznis and Mark Nixon is designed to help control engineers and process engineers gain a more thorough understanding of the concepts and capabilities of advanced control products and solutions.

The book is suitable for process and control engineers who have a sound understanding of conventional control techniques but have little or no background on advanced control, says Blevins. The book also provides examples that allow readers to become familiar with the advanced control techniques commonly utilized in the process industry.

In addition, the web site that accompanies the book includes workshops on commercially available solutions that apply the advanced control concepts and techniques outlined in the publication.

The book is primarily targeted to control engineers responsible for the commission, installation and maintenance of control systems and the advanced control tools installed in process plants and to process engineers charged with improving process operations and efficiency. It’s also relevant to engineering students interested in how advanced control is utilized in the process industry.

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