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ISA Book Explores Advanced Control Concepts For Process Industry

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 17, 2012

A new book published by the International Society of Automation address the concepts and terminology that are needed to apply advanced control techniques in the process industry. The book, “Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques and Applications,” is geared toward the process or control engineer who is familiar with traditional control but has little or no experience in designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining advanced control applications.

Process control systems experts Terrence Blevins, Willy Wojsznis and Mark Nixon teamed to co-author the book, which provides application examples. Each chapter provides in-depth discussion of the technology for readers interested in understanding the mathematical basis.

The book also includes a workshop at the end of each chapter that explores the technology. The reader may view the workshop solution by going to the website that accompanies the book. Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques and Applications” covers major advanced control techniques that are most commonly used in the process industry. This includes tools for monitoring control system performance, on-demand and adaptive tuning techniques and model predictive control.

Since many readers may work with an existing DCS that does not support advanced control, a chapter of the book focuses on tools and techniques that the authors have found useful in integrating advanced control tools into an existing control system. In addition, one chapter of the book addresses how dynamic process simulations may be easily created in a DCS to support checkout and operator training on the use of advanced control.

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