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Honeywell Opens New Customer Support Center In Canada

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 08, 2012

Honeywell has opened a new customer training and support center in Canada to serve as the company’s regional hub for customers in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The center, located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, provides a resource for training with the latest automation technology. The region is home to many Honeywell customers in the energy sector. More than 70 percent of the heavy oil refining ventures in Alberta utlize Honeywell technology and services, according to Mark Zyskowski, vice president of sales for Honeywell Process Solutions.  

In addition to providing standard technology training, the center will house a Honeywell Automation College that teaches operators, engineers, technicians and plant and building managers how to use automation and control systems to improve safety, security, reliability and energy efficiency.

Honeywell has similar facilities in Edmonton and North Vancouver, and other locations around the world. Many customers in heavy oil refining, oil sands mining, extraction, upgrader and steam-assisted gravity drainage projects utilize the automation technology.