Reliability & Maintenance

Calibration Solution Integrated With Asset Management Capabilities

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 16, 2012

Beamex and Emerson have partnered to offer a solution for managing instrumentation calibrations called Calibration Excellence. The system delivers automation asset management and calibration management functionality in an integrated solution.

Calibration Excellence enables users to streamline calibration work processes and eliminate up to 50% of time spent on each calibration, according to Beamex. Electronic workflows provide a paperless system where calculation errors and transcription mistakes are eliminated. In addition, all calibration information is automatically recorded to ensure the accuracy and validity of as found/as left records.

Automated records help simplify compliance audits and also can provide the data needed to justify extending the period between calibrations. The Calibration Excellence solution includes Beamex’s CMX calibration software, Emerson’s AMS Device Manager and the AMS Suite Calibration Connector, which provides a communication link between AMS Device Manager and CMX.

The AMS Suite Calibration Connector links the two platforms to create a single database for calibration records. Since all the device information pre-exists in AMS Device Manager, there is no need to manually re-enter it in CMX. Even if a device is replaced or reconfigured in AMS Device Manager, the new information is automatically transferred to CMX. Through the integrated connection, device information is always synchronized.