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ABB Releases Extension To System 800xA Based On OPC-ADI

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 04, 2012

ABB has introduced an extension to its System 800xA integrated control system based on the new OPC-ADI specification. The integrated system has been designed to simplify communication with process analyzers and multivariate data modeling programs.

System 800xA now features Analyzer Device Integration Connect (ADIc), a device interface that allows System 800xA to integrate with analyzers and chemometric predictors. ABB developed ADIc based on the OPC Analyzer Device Integration (OPC ADI) specification, an information model that defines a common method for data exchange for process and laboratory analyzers. It is an extension of the OPC United Architecture (OPC UA) specification.

With ADIc, System 800xA includes advanced predictive analysis capabilities by leveraging the Unscrambler X ADI Insight Server from CAMO Software. The server applies powerful multivariate models to data collected from analytical instruments and standard process values within the System 800xA environment. ADIc also supports the integration of analyzers to manufacturing systems such as ERP  and manufacturing execution systems.