Video: Eli Lilly Lowers 2009 Forecast, But Hedged For Next Year


Dec 18, 2008

In a video interview with Bloomberg, John C. Lechleiter, CEO of Eli Lilly, addresses the news that his company has lowered its forecast for 2009. 

When queried about the changing sentiment of the drug makers, which for so long have been seen as more recession proof, Lechleiter notes that he has said all along that “Eli Lilly is not recession proof – but I do believe that we will be less affected by the macro changes in the economy.”

He went on to explain how all the moving parts fit in to the overall economic outlook for Eli Lilly – the biggest being the incorporation of ImClone.

He shed positive light for next year, saying that the company is hedged for the strengthened dollar.

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