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American Chemistry Council Survey Outlines Practices In Network Segregation Technologies


Dec 05, 2008

The American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program has released a new technical survey report that provides benchmarking data for chemical companies interested in the separation of industrial automation networks from general purpose business networks.

”Separating Industrial Automation and Business Systems” is said to identify common practices in the implementation of network segregation technologies and provides a summary of observations from a recent survey of ChemITC and other American Chemistry Council member companies, as well as chemical companies represented by Chemical Sector Coordinating Council trade associations.

Based on a survey conducted in the first quarter of 2008, the report offers insight for chemical manufacturing facilities interested in the implementation of network separation technologies for the purpose of supporting the safe and reliable operation of the chemical process. Document highlights include the extent to which separation methodologies are used among survey respondents and how such systems are operated and managed, as well as key learnings and benefits gained from those who are well along in the implementation process. It also outlines key considerations for chemical companies that are contemplating network separation technologies as a means to facilitate secure interactions between industrial automation and control systems and business IT network devices and users.

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