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Emerson introduces process application audio CDs


Apr 12, 2006

Emerson Process Management announces the availability of the company's first ever Process Application audio CDs. These audio CDs cover more than 70 industrial applications where Rosemount Analytical sensors and instruments are used for liquid analysis. The five CD set is grouped by industries with similar measurements and applications. Titles include: Chemical & Petro-Refining, Food & Beverage/Pharmaceutical, Water/Wastewater, Pulp & Paper/Metals & Mining, and Power & Semi-Conductor.

Each audio track describes an industrial process and how liquid instrumentation optimizes the process performance. They also address basic measurement theory, instrumentation, and monitoring technologies. In addition, the CDs describe which instrumentation can be used in PlantWeb field-based architecture, a scalable way to use open and interoperable devices and systems to build process solutions. This audio CD set from Emerson provides in-depth information on how plants can improve process performance with a variety of liquid analysis solutions.