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ISA 6th Annual Fugitive Emissions-Leak Detection and Repair Training and Symposium

Source: ChemicalProcessing.com

Feb 28, 2006

The 6th Annual Fugitive Emissions - LDAR Symposium will be held 13-15 June 2006 in Houston, Texas. The symposium covers leak detection and repair (LDAR) methods and fugitive emissions management systems. The event is designed to create a forum in which paper presentations, tutorials, and speaker panels transfer information from the world's leading experts on fugitive emissions and LDAR to industry professionals.

Industry experts in leak detection and repair will discuss implementations and improvements in LDAR programs in plant facilities. Sessions covering data quality control, improving compliance, EPA regulations, tagless LDAR, and more are planned.

Event highlights include a training course entitled "Surviving an LDAR Audit" on 13 June. The course teaches professionals how to evaluat their LDAR program and prepare for audits from corporate headquarters, their states, the federal government, and third party auditors.

Conference sessions and panel discussions will include:

  • "Running a Successful Reinventory/Retagging Program" by Ron Ricks of BP 
  • "Complying with Pharmaceutical MACT" by Deever Bradley of ERM
  • Q&A Panel Discussion: "Perspectives on LDAR Compliance" - NEIC, EPA, TCEQ, LA DEQ
  • "Thermal Imaging Camera Technology & Use" by Rohit Sharma of Lyondell Citgo
  • "Maximizing Your Investment - Innovative Real World Uses for Optical Imaging Cameras" by Mike Smylie of ERM

"We have a dedicated, knowledgeable group of industry experts and a great conference program. Our attendees will come away with useful, practical advice about the issues that matter most in the industry,"
said conference chair and moderator John Cermenaro.

For more information or to register, visit www.isa.org/fugitiveemissions.