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ISA releases third part of in series of industry standards on enterprise-control system integration


Jul 13, 2005

ISA's SP95 standards development committee on Enterprise-Control System Integration has
completed the third of its well-received series of industry standards on enterprise-control system integration.

Microsoft Corp.'s announcement earlier this year of its support of the ISA-95 series as a key element in its plant-to-enterprise interoperability initiative, following a similar announcement of support by SAP in 2004, underscored the widespread and growing recognition and use of the ISA-95 standards across the manufacturing industries. The ISA-95 standards help to reduce the risk, cost, and errors associated
with implementing enterprise systems and manufacturing operations systems in such a way that they inter-operate and easily integrate. They may also be used to reduce the effort associated with implementing new product offerings.

ISA-SP95 previously published Part 1 of the series, "Models and terminology," and Part 2, "Object models and attributes." The new Part 3, "Activity models of manufacturing operations management," provides models and terminology for defining the activities of manufacturing operations management. The models and terminology:

  • Emphasize good practices of manufacturing operations
  • Can be used to improve existing manufacturing operations
  • Can be applied regardless of the degree of automation

"Completion of Part 3 is an important milestone in the growing adaptation and use of the ISA-95 standards," stated ISA-SP95 Chairman Keith Unger of Stone Technologies Inc.

Additional parts in the ISA-95 series currently in development focus on business-to-manufacturing transactions and object models and attributes of manufacturing operations management.