Nick Basta

Nick Basta

Process manufacturing: Suppliers hope to foster more outsourcing at plants

May 11, 2005
Companies, already having outsourced a lot of back office functions such as information technology (IT) and human resources management, now are targeting more central business...

Process engineering: Pneumatic conveying moves ahead

April 4, 2005
Pneumatic conveying has long been a popular choice for moving bulk materials. However, the technology hasn't been standing still, and this can influence the choice between several...

Safety pros put "SIS" in systems

Nov. 12, 2004
While large chemical companies have engaged in rigorous safety analysis for years, the benefits of safety instrumented systems technology are becoming better known to smaller ...

Lights up on emissions monitoring

Nov. 1, 2004
This article takes a new look at optical remote sensing (ORS) technology — which has become simpler, more reliable and more accurate, yet its popularity for monitoring emissions...

Sealless pumps get their turn

Sept. 16, 2004
Cost and design improvements are spurring increasing use, particularly for handling hazardous fluids.

Sites summon specialists

June 1, 2004
The recent painful downturn and high energy costs are pushing corporate managers in the chemical industry to do whatever they can to improve company margins.

Collaboration extends Its reach

March 31, 2004
The step change occurring in engineering technology is being driven by the latest capabilities of design and operating software to exchange these data.

Assessing risk in risky times

Oct. 15, 2003
Risk assessment has been part of the chemical engineering scope for years. The possibilities of an attack might have changed, but the consequences — a runaway reaction, a spill...