Nick Basta

editor at large

Research and Development: The Know-How Pinch

March 11, 2005
Research and development is a chemical company's most valuable asset. In today's climate, companies must work harder to protect intellectual capital on an international level....

Chemical plant site security enters the next phase

Feb. 10, 2005
With the last of mandated security deadlines now approaching, plants ponder future steps. Read about all of the improvements and procedural changes that have already occurred ...

In the chemical industry, faster doesn't always mean better

Feb. 9, 2005
Real-time control has turned up in controllers, analyzers, control systems and more. In the end, real-time information is only as valuable as an organization makes it.

Toll manufacturers serve a changing market

Jan. 19, 2005
Custom chemical manufacturers anticipate increasing output this year but must contend with high domestic costs and rising imports. Each type of chemical manufacturer has a different...

Double up to contain leaks

Dec. 20, 2004
Chemical companies are faced with numerous decisions about how to address a variety of major environmental and safety issues. Many are finding a simple solution in dual-wall piping...

Let's Applaud Some Unsung Heroes

May 12, 2004
Even though engineers may not stop to think about the importance of standards, industry dramatically benefits from the cooperative efforts of those who volunteer to develop these...