Ross Mackay

Ross Mackay

Increase pump performance

Sept. 18, 2006
In this web exclusive on, pump expert Ross Mackay says a key to a pump's performance is to look at the control system it's running with.

Pumping Temperature Considerations

June 19, 2006
"Bad actor" pumps are those pumps that have trouble with frequent and repetitive failures. In many cases, the source of the problem is an ANSI pump trying valiantly to handle ...

Flexible Pipe Couplings

April 4, 2006
Pipe strain can cause premature failure of pumps. This can frequently be absorbed by a flexible pipe coupling... but only if that pipe coupling is properly installed. Merely putting...

The importance of large bore seal chambers

Feb. 20, 2006
The introduction of the larger bore seal chamber has provided two major benefits to mechanical seal operation, both of which contribute to increased reliability.

Pump Start-Ups

Jan. 9, 2006
There are only three things we need to do to start a pump.

Can't find the pump performance curve?

Jan. 9, 2006
Contributor Ross Mackay gives a simple rule of thumb to follow when determining the status of your older pumps.

Saving energy with fluid handling

Sept. 20, 2005
This article from Ross Mackay, an exclusive contributor to and author of The Practical Pumping Handbook, discusses how you can save energy in your plant...

Getting the most out of your mechanical seals

Aug. 16, 2005
This exclusive contribution from Ross Mackay, author of The Practical Pumping Handbook, discusses how you can extend the life of your mechanical seals.

Process engineering: How to use angular contact bearings

May 17, 2005
The use of angular contact bearings has increased considerably during recent years, but when used in a double arrangement, are they being installed properly in your pumps?

Process engineering: Properly seal that pump

May 17, 2005
Environmental concerns are fostering use of mechanical seals in a growing number of applications. Here's a rundown on seal options.

Process Engineering: Tips on using magnetic drive pumps

April 19, 2005
While the magnetic pump drive can cure some of your pump ills, it is important to know how to apply them to get the maximum results.