Earl Clark

Energy Columnist

Energy Saver: Give Back To The Profession

Nov. 26, 2018
Engineers should challenge themselves to help mold current and future professionals

Distillation: Do You Understand Partial Pressures?

Sept. 21, 2018
Non-azeotropic mixtures can cause problems in ancillary equipment.

Energy Hog Restricts Plant Production Rates

Aug. 15, 2018
A seemingly minor change causes a major problem

Deftly Deal with Distillation Performance

July 18, 2018
Several issues contribute to water hammer and leakage of condensate

Refrigerants: What Kind of Fouling is That?

June 19, 2018
Rigorous manual testing of a refrigeration system revealed an unexpected source of fouling

Troubleshoot Heat Exchanger: Don’t Jump To Solutions

May 18, 2018
Carefully review all possible avenues before taking a heat exchanger off line

Energy Saver: Don’t Neglect Spring Cleaning Duties

April 17, 2018
A cooling tower’s rapid performance decline stemmed from a surprising culprit.

Processing Equipment: Confront A Column Conundrum

March 16, 2018
Consider improper installation as a possible culprit for inefficiency and poor performance

Energy Saver: Ponder Online Performance Testing

Feb. 16, 2018
An online performance test can help validate a design or newly installed equipment

Energy Saver: Make the Best of Field Testing

Jan. 19, 2018
Follow these tips for conducting a field performance test when it’s unavoidable

Energy Saver: Is Online Performance Testing Accurate?

Dec. 8, 2017
Take a careful look at measurement accuracies and how information is collected

Energy Saver: Trust but Verify Your Equipment

Nov. 8, 2017
Understand the difference between acceptance testing and performance testing

Energy Saver: Take a Closer Look at Equipment Performance

Oct. 23, 2017
Modern instrumentation packages reduce the need for testing — but not always

Cast Cold Eyes on Cooling System Interactions

Sept. 13, 2017
Take a look at the cooling tower, refrigeration compressor and condenser

Heat Exchangers: Don’t Generalize Complex Systems

Aug. 8, 2017
Deviating from standard design temperatures requires careful evaluation

Energy Saver: Consider Refrigeration Condenser Pressure

July 12, 2017
Operating at design condenser pressure could wind up wasting energy

Energy Saver: Is Your Cooling Tower a Dust Filter?

June 19, 2017
Pumping problems and other issues could mean dust has settled in the system

Understand Shared Energy Savings

May 8, 2017
Attempts to implement a shared approach provide some important insights

Enter a Cooling Tower with Caution

April 24, 2017
Consider potential hazards before entering a cooling tower for inspection

Cooling Towers: Keep Your Cool In Hot Weather

March 24, 2017
Address any issues with cooling tower fill before summer arrives

Save Energy in Binary Distillation

Feb. 24, 2017
Consider three alternatives for columns requiring low temperatures