We’ve Sealed the Deal On A New Sealing Technology Expert

Dec. 26, 2012
A guru on sealing technology has joined our roster of experts.

As you probably know, we've been tweaking our Ask The Experts section to make it more useful. Late last year we went to a forum format, which enables readers to add their insight or ask follow-up questions to expert answers. We also incorporated a "subscribe" feature so you can follow your favorite topics or threads. Now we've expanded our panel of experts — with a specialist on sealing technology.

Welcome Peter Petrunich. He is technical director of the Fluid Sealing Association and has over 30 years of functional and administrative experience with the technology and marketing of fluid sealing products. I’m sure you’ll want to take advantage of his knowledge.

Right now, because it’s new, his forum needs questions. So, it’s an ideal opportunity to get answers to sealing problems that vex you. Your queries will get him in the groove and make him feel at home. You can go directly to his page and click on the red button to the right that says "Pose a Question to The Experts."

If you are wondering how we go about adding new topics, first we ask ourselves if there’s a need for a certain area of expertise. In this case, a reader suggested we add sealing to our roster. We agreed that the optimization of sealing systems offers a significant opportunity to save energy and increase productivity. Additionally, proper seal technology can improve plant safety and environmental compliance, reduce water consumption, enhance equipment reliability and cut overall maintenance costs.

As a matter of policy we don't have people from vendors as experts — to avoid any perception that we favor a particular supplier or that answers are not impartial. We had to put our heads together to figure out who would best fill the expert shoes. Remembering that Petrunich wrote an article for us several years ago ("Find the Best Value Seal,", Editor Mark Rosenzweig asked him to join our team.

We hope you take advantage of his knowledge in the field of sealing technology. And remember that we have nearly 30 experts on call to answer your questions regarding everything from combustion and corrosion to process safety, pumps, solids processing and everything in between. Check out all the categories: And if you think we are missing a good topic, let us know.

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor. You can e-mail her at [email protected].

On the social media front, be sure to check out her page.

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