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What Tops the Chemical Processing Reading List?

Dec. 9, 2016
See which of our 2016 content attracted the most attention.

[pullquote]If you’ve ever been tasked with poring over analytics, you know it can lead you down the rabbit hole very quickly. One piece of information intrigues you and off you go. Each year we do our roundup of top content on ChemicalProcessing.com. The results are interesting and sometimes surprising. We know certain topics will do well (safety and salary information are always popular) but other topics don’t always match expectations. (Our visitors clearly show more interest in wastewater treatment than technology for clean drinking water.)

Here, in order of popularity based on page views at presstime, are the top articles, news items and columns from our regular contributors.

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Top Articles

1. Bio-based Isobutanol Beckons
Ethanol makers can gain particular advantages from coproduction.
2. 10 Rules To Succeed at Process Safety Management
Follow these rules to ensure an effective long-term program.
3. 2016 Salary And Job Satisfaction Survey: Chemical Engineers Keep On Smiling
Annual survey shows increased job satisfaction.
4. Plant Quickly Boosts Production and Performance
Addressing maintenance performance management and behavior issues leads to substantial improvements.
5. Process Safety: Walk The Line
Company-wide initiative eliminates operator line-up errors.

Top News

1. Water Treatment Market Is Set For Strong Growth
The global market for water treatment chemicals is projected to be worth nearly $25 billion by 2020.
2. Evonik Breaks Ground On Singapore Methionine Complex
This is the company’s second methionine plant in Singapore.
3. Global Chemical M&A Activity Remains Strong
Mergers and acquisitions in the global chemicals industry are expected to continue strong momentum in 2016, according to a report from Deloitte Global.
4. GE Explores Options To Sell Water Business
Company aims to complete the sale by mid-2017.
5. Rockwell Automation Names Blake Moret CEO
Predecessor Keith Nosbusch remains as chairman.

Top Columns

Chemical Reaction Blog
1. Helium Beer Isn’t As Fun As It Sounds
It is possible to create beer with helium instead of the usual CO2 or nitrogen, but it’s just boring old beer.
2. Chemical Engineer Begs For Job
Anthea Malwandle took to a street corner in Johannesburg with a cardboard sign in hopes that she could best the country’s 26.7% unemployment rate.

Compliance Advisor
1. 2016 Presents Chemical Regulation Challenges
Legislation will focus on unfinished business, work plan chemicals and green chemistry efforts.
2. Grasp the Gravity of the New TSCA
Significant revisions to the law greatly expand the EPA’s authority.

End Point
1. More Efficient Wastewater Treatment Looms
New technologies could lead to greener, less-expensive manufacturing processes.
2. Electric Fields Act as Catalyst
Novel approach increases control and speeds reaction.

Energy Saver
1. Pump Out Energy Inefficiencies
Prioritize pumps to analyze before conducting energy assessments.
2. Mind Your Refrigeration Systems, Part I
Understanding fluids and their properties is key to energy-efficient operations.

Field Notes
1. Engineering: Stupidity Endures
Engineers continue to make a wide variety of dumb mistakes.
2. 10 Tips To Succeed In Commissioning
Take advantage of this expert advice to make a project go smoothly.

From The Editor
1. Achieve Better Safety Training
New series of interactive videos puts participants in the midst of an event.
2. Chemical Engineers Face Favorable Future
U.S. government group foresees modest job growth through 2024.

Plant InSites
1. Automation: Carefully Consider Sidestripper Control
Analysis of three possible options provides important insights.
2. Don’t Trust Data Sheets
Entries often don’t correspond to actual equipment performance.

Solid Advice
1. Powder Handling: Stop What You’re Doing
Challenging existing practices may spur significant improvements.
2. 5 Alternatives To Conquer Crystallization Challenges
Question the need for cooling and ensure you have the right data.

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor and queen bee of  analytics. You can email her at [email protected].

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