Compact And Efficient Dust Hound Dust Collector Fits Tight Spaces

Dec. 12, 2018
Dust Hound Dust Collector is about half as tall as a standard cyclone and offers the same efficiency and airflow.

Aerodyne Environmental, a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors and material handling valves, introduces the Dust Hound Dust Collector. About 55% as tall as a standard cyclone for the same efficiency and airflow, it more easily fits available space without costly facility and process line renovations. It is up to 99% efficient at 20 microns.

Small cyclones can be used for point-of-use dust collection that may help managers achieve NFPA compliance for potentially combustible dust without costly ductwork. Per NFPA-654 (2), air separators with a dirty side volume less than 8’3” can be safety located indoors, under certain circumstances. Constructed of carbon steel, the Dust Hound cyclone uses a specially shaped ground plate to divert dust towards the walls and to interrupt the airflow, creating a very localized pressure drop that causes more particulate to fall out of the airstream and reduce dust re-entrainment.

Applications include point-of-use product recovery, pneumatic conveying and as a pre-filter for other dust handling equipment such as cartridge collectors, baghouses, electrostatic precipitators and wet scrubbers. As a pre-filter, a cyclone can increase filter life, lower compressed air usage and reduce filter maintenance. The product is suitable for Industries including ceramics, plastics, chemicals, metal powders, food ingredients, industrial woodworking and quarries.