Crowcon Detection Instruments

July 22, 2004
Gas Detectors for Combustible, Toxic and Oxygen Hazards

Crowcon's new gas detectors cover combustible, toxic and oxygen hazards. The Xgard range features a universal junction box and replacement sensors which simply plug in.  Many parts are common to all Xgard models, reducing the  spares inventory.

A two-year sensor now is available for oxygen monitoring. For combustible gas monitoring at high temperatures, a detector with an operating range of up to 302°F (150°C) is available.

The sensors cover four technologies. Poison-resistant catalytic beads detect combustible gases; electrochemical sensors cover toxic gases and oxygen; thermal conductivity sensors monitor high-volume concentrations of certain gases mixed with air or other gases; and unique Sulphistors detect hydrogen sulphide at high temperatures and high background gas levels, which would cause conventional electrochemical sensors to fail.

The Xgard's circuitry boasts improved PCB accessibility to allow easy calibration. The standard junction box has lugs for both wall and ceiling mounting, removing the need for additional brackets, while a choice of four cable gland sizes allows installation on any site. 

Constructed from durable A356 marine grade aluminum with a tough polyester coating, Xgard is designed to operate in demanding conditions. It is offered with UL approval in both flameproof and intrinsically-safe configurations, and also is available with no certification for use in non-hazardous environments.