Bag Filters Use Reverse Jet Pulsing Technology

Nov. 16, 2009

GEA Niro has developed its successful SANICIP bag filters to achieve even higher performance and longer life.  The improvements are all part of the company’s programme of continuous innovation throughout its product range.

SANICIP is a system of CIPable bag filters for spray dryers that uses reverse jet pulsing technology to make sure that powder is removed from every part of the bag. The system works at low differential pressure so saves energy and is quiet too.  The process produces no second-grade product so the final yield is higher than with cyclones.

The new SANICIP includes several important developments all of which enhance the performance of the system:

  • The diameter of the cylinders has been enlarged to reduce the wear rate in use due to sandblasting and rubbing. This significantly extends the operational life of the whole system.

  • The air inlet has been redesigned tangentially to reduce the risk of powder deposits forming. This reduces downtime due to stoppages for cleaning.

  • Super-sonic nozzles are used for reverse jet pulsing on the new system instead of reverse jet nozzles. This system uses less compressed air and reduces the number of components thereby minimizing maintenance costs.

  • The sanitary area above the nozzles – the clean air plenum – has been redesigned to be much easier to clean in place. This is a major improvement especially as most competitors’ systems are difficult or impossible to clean in place.

  • Top covers have been reduced in weight to make them much easier to remove for routine servicing.

  • The system now includes new sanitary explosion vent panels.

These developments build on the current success of SANICIP in the marketplace and demonstrate that GEA Niro is always innovating to maintain its leading position.