Emergency Relief Vent Is Available In Top-Guided And Hinged Configurations

April 12, 2010

A new line of manway pressure and pressure/vacuum relief vents from Valve Concepts, Inc. (VCI) provide much more than emergency pressure relief beyond that provided by normal pressure relief systems. The new VCI 8900 Series also provides the versatility that comes with innovative design and modular construction. Available in both top-guided (spring-loaded) and hinged (weight-loaded) configurations, the 8900 Series emergency relief vents feature a standard, one-piece flange base with an integrated bolting pad to accommodate the hinged design. In addition, the modular design allows 8900 Series valves to be converted from a pressure/vacuum vent to a pressure-only vent or vice versa.

“The unique design also permits the pressure pallet assembly to be easily removed for unobstructed access to the tank for cleaning, inspection or repairs,” says Aaron Brantley, product engineer for Valve Concepts, Inc. “Plus, the flange base incorporates a set of integrated lifting lugs for easier removal or installation of the entire unit.”

Unlike competitive emergency pressure relief vents that use an O-ring for sealing, 8900 Series units utilize a flat diaphragm, which has a thickness based on the vent size and customer-specified set point. As a result, it forms around the seat to provide a tighter seal and improved reliability.