Portable Gas Detectors Suited For Confined Spaces

Jan. 19, 2012
Units can be can be calibrated to detect up to 28 different gases.

Linde Canada has released the G-TECTA line of portable gas detection instruments. Designed for protection against hazardous working conditions, the new line is suited for people working in confined spaces in industries such as construction, welding, manufacturing, petrochemicals and oil refining.

The G-TECTA gas detectors from Linde are light enough and small enough to be affixed to a shirt or collar via an alligator clip. The multi-gas instruments have upward facing displays to maximize visual awareness of unsafe gas levels in confined spaces.

The instruments are equipped with alarm systems for audible and visual detection of hazardous conditions. If the G-TECTA unit detects a hazardous environment, it alerts the employee via three of the major senses—touch, sound and sight—by vibrating, sounding an alarm and displaying a visual alarm.

In addition, G-TECTA gas detectors are certified to meet all Canadian Safety Associations standards and all global safety standards; they are suitable for use in potentially noxious or explosive areas, as well as areas where oxygen displacement could be a potential problem. They are available in single-gas or multi-gas options that can be calibrated to detect up to as many as 28 different gases.