Chemical Fume Hoods Handle Electrostatic-Sensitive Applications

Nov. 30, 2012
Ductless fume hood has advanced safety monitoring and controls.

Mystaire Misonix has released a range of Aura ESD ductless chemical fume hoods designed for electrostatic-sensitive applications. Aura’s user protection against toxic fume exposure has been combined with electrostatic dissipative features to prevent static build-up and discharge.

Each Aura ductless fume hood has advanced safety monitoring and controls. EverSafe II microprocessor safety controller monitors and adjusts fume hood face velocity to the user preset value.  Aura has been ASHRAE 110 tested and provides containment from toxic fumes and vapors. 

Filtrak positive filter sealing system is installed in each Aura ductless hood. This cam-driven filter sealing system has a built-in filter position indicator and alerts the end user if the filtration bed is not properly sealed.