Fume Hoods Include Chemical-Resistant Modular Construction

April 8, 2013
Modular construction features 2-inch thick walls that have chemical resistant composite resin surface panels.

Hemco's Unimax fume hoods have been designed to isolate large and tall process equipment, including apparatus/distillation, reactors and pilot plant operations. UniMax floor-mounted hoods are supplied in standard models from 6 feet to 24 inches wide in various depth and height options.

The unique modular construction features 2-inch thick walls that have chemical-resistant composite resin surface panels. This allows the hood to ship knockdown and able to be moved through standard lab entry doors for onsite assembly.

The hood can also be shipped totally assembled. A wide selection of doors/sashes with front-access and rear-access floors and basins with raised, flow-through grate decking are available. Internal tables can be fabricated to meet specific size and load requirements