CPU Supports Safety Applications

July 2, 2014
HIMA added a new CPU to its HIMax safety system product line – the X-CPU 31.

HIMA expanded its HIMax safety system product line, adding the X-CPU 31 for small and mid-range safety applications. Announced in late 2013, the new CPU module is now available worldwide.

The X-CPU 31 integrates all functions of the system bus module. With system bus and CPU functions on one module, the X-CPU 31 makes the HIMax nonstop safety system more scalable and adaptable to specific applications.

The performance range of the CPU is suitable for applications including emergency shutdown (ESD) and fire & gas (F&G). Offered as part of FlexSILon complete solutions, the module provides more efficient burner and boiler management, leak detection for pipelines and control of turbo machines and compressors.

A new version of the SILworX engineering tool used to program HIMax and HIMatrix safety controllers is also available. SILworX V6 allows the inclusion of proprietary C codes from external tools and the automatic generation of function blocks for the safety system. The new version supports Structured Text (ST), which can be useful in simplifying implementation of loop programming and CRC calculations as well as for the insertion of functions in text format.