Screw Press Consumes Less Power

Oct. 3, 2014
Alfa Laval launched a compact screw press featuring low power consumption.

Alfa Laval launched a compact screw press featuring low power consumption. The compact Alfa Laval Screw Press is a recent addition to the company’s range of sludge dewatering solutions. It is specifically designed for dewatering of industrial and municipal water and wastewater sludge to reduce sludge volume.

The high-performance, continuous screw press is a user-friendly piece of machinery with high operational uptime. It features low power consumption due to the direct drive gear motor and a slow rotational speed. The low speed produces a low noise level.

The screw press features a totally enclosed drum with inspection hatches for operability and maintainability. The drum is equipped with wedge wire screens instead of perforated screens to reduce maintenance. The positioning of the drive motor on the discharge end of the screw press reduces risk of damage. Screen washing is done intermittently during operation to reduce water demand. The screw press has low spare parts consumption. Equipment includes a proprietary sludge/polymer mixer, which reduces polymer consumption while deleting the need for a floc tank with integral mixer.

User-friendly controls reduce supervision needs. Process optimization includes adjustment of conveyor speed for the most efficient balance between cake solids and capacity, and counter-pressure to obtain the best solids dryness and liquid clarity. Two types of standard control systems are offered: advanced or basic control. These systems can be expanded to include feed and polymer pumps as well as the solids conveyor.