Dow Introduces Tequatic Plus Filters

Sept. 18, 2015
Self-cleaning filters are available in convenient skid design.

The Dow Chemical Company introduces continuously cleaning Tequatic Plus F-75 and F-150 Filters in a skid design. Tequatic Plus Filters and skids offer a self-cleaning solution for removing extremely high and variable solids from fluid streams, even in the presence of fats, oils and grease, according to the company. They are suitable in industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications, including food and beverage and oilfield water.

The B-Series Skid offers water treatment professionals fast, “out of the box” installation and startup, according to Dow. Easy serviceability reportedly helps reduce labor costs, and a quiet operation minimizes noise pollution.

The B-Series Skid features a scalable modular configuration that allows each skid to connect in parallel to a common feed manifold to meet required flow rate. An integrated control system runs, monitors and logs essential parameters and a touch screen interface allows for customization of timers and set points to any industrial setting.

Tequatic Plus Filters – the core of the skid – combine continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration with forced settling and solids collection into a single device. Tequatic Plus Filters reportedly filter down to 15 microns, and handle total suspended solids from 100-10,000 mg/L and greater. Their cross-flow action, combined with an engineered, laser-cut filter element and more than 10 cleaning mechanisms, delivers higher flow and solids separation without plugging issues, according to Dow. The technology can also operate as a primary filter or as a prefilter to dissolved air flotation.