Federal Signal Introduces Global Series Signaling Platform

Nov. 30, 2015
Signaling platform meets requirements in hazardous atmospheres.

Federal Signal introduces the Global Series Signaling Platform, a line of non-metallic, modular lightweight signals designed to meet requirements in hazardous atmospheres.

The Global Series Signaling Platform is Zone 1, 21 Rated, IECEx, ATEX, Ex d IIC and Ex de IIC. The G-Series enables standardization of training, maintenance and spare parts across an enterprise. The modular housing design allows individual signals to be combined into multi-signal fixtures. The configurations can be ordered fully assembled and wired direct from Federal Signal. Coupling kit accessories can be used to convert individual and standard dual units into multi-signal configurations.

Other features and benefits:

·  The LED beacon offers eight different flash patterns—including steady and simulated strobe.

·  The strobe beacon includes a high-intensity xenon strobe tube operated at 21J.

·  The sounder with gain control offers 15 discreet tones—multiple tones can be selected remotely. One single sounder can warn of more than one condition or it can escalate the severity of a single alarm condition.

·  The loudspeaker offers five remotely selectable taps at the HIGH power setting and another five remotely selectable taps at a LOW power setting (70 Vrms and 100 Vrms options available).

· The amplified speaker with gain control supports 0.8 Vrms or 2.8 Vrms audio-level signals.