Honeywell Sotera Platform Aims To Boost Safety And Productivity

Aug. 7, 2017
Honeywell launches new connected worker software aimed at boosting safety and productivity.

Honeywell introduces Honeywell Sotera, a new, comprehensive safety software platform to support its growing portfolio of connected industrial worker solutions, which are designed to help customers keep their facilities and personnel safe, boost productivity, and lower compliance and administrative costs. The Honeywell Sotera platform will support connected worker offerings such as two-way communications, geo-location and automatic safety alerts to provide employers with real-time awareness of safety incidents and the ability to respond quickly if an employee is injured in a remote location.

The first rollout of the software, Honeywell Sotera-Express, will replace legacy software applications for Honeywell’s wearable gas detector portfolio with a new, user-friendly software interface. The software will reportedly make it easier for customers using different Honeywell devices to test, maintain and generate reports.

Honeywell Sotera-Express will serve as the sole device management software for all Honeywell gas detection products, starting with its portable gas detector products: BW Clip, GasAlertMicroClip and Honeywell RAE Systems’ ToxiRAE Pro, MultiRAE, Q RAE3 and MicroRAE gas monitors, as well as the BW IntelliDoX and RAE Systems’ AutoRAE 2 docking systems used to charge, test and maintain the devices.

The software simplifies device configuration, testing and maintenance across all Honeywell brands, and streamlines compliance administration for safety managers by generating testing, certification, incident and other key reports faster, according to Honeywell. It also incorporates advanced cyber security features to protect data.