Suez ProSolv HS Scavenges Sour Gas From Oil And Gas Production Streams

Nov. 1, 2018
Non-amine-based chemistry promotes cleaner process without precipitation resulting in a smooth separation process and flow assurance.

Sour gas in oil and gas production streams can increase production costs, impact employees’ safety, endanger asset integrity and adversely impact the surrounding environment, according to Suez. To help oil and gas producers scavenge sour gas effectively, Suez formulates a new version of its ProSolv HS line to effectively scavenge H2S without phase separation upsets that affect water quality or salt in condensate.

ProSolv HS is a non-nitrogen-based chemistry that does not impact downstream refining processes. It is safer to deploy compared to nitrogen-containing scavengers, which adversely impact refining processes with the formation of salts and costly corrosion, according to the company. ProSolv HS is injected with similar dose rates to the amine-based chemistries, which allows the use of existing infrastructure and pumping capabilities.