Dräger Releases X-site Live Monitoring Kit For Gas And Radiation Hazards

Jan. 5, 2021
Kit displays up to seven gas readings and gamma radiation monitoring.

Dräger, global provider of medical and safety technology, releases the Dräger X-site Live, a state-of-the-art area monitoring kit for gas and radiation hazard monitoring, according to the company. The X-site Live offers both gas and radiation detection as well as integration with FirstNet, a nationwide wireless broadband network that provides priority and preemption for first responders and those who support them.

The Dräger X-site Live comes integrated with a number of practical features and smart benefits, according to the company, including:

  • FirstNet network interface for reliable public safety communications
  • Smart gateway for Wi-Fi and cellular communication in the cloud
  • A removable X-am 8000 for personal gas monitoring detection that displays up to seven gases at one time
  • Live readings that can be sent back to a central monitoring station
  • Radiation detection that can also be removed for personal use
  • Easy configurability allowing the kit to be up and running in minutes

X-site Live provides applications across multiple areas including fire services, venue protection and hazardous response. The X-site Live is a collaboration between Draeger, Inc. and Safe Environment Engineering, Valencia, California.