Shimadzu Introduces TOC-1000e Carbon Analyzer

May 3, 2021
TOC-1000e online total organic carbon analyzer is suited for industries requiring high-purity water.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the TOC-1000e online total organic carbon analyzer, which provides high sensitivity and low detection limits, reaching 0.1 μg/L. This makes it suited for industries requiring high-purity water including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food and beverage, chemical packaging and precision equipment manufacturing. The TOC-1000e analyzer uses a mercury-free excimer lamp in the smallest and lightest casing available, according to the company. The new Shimadzu technology reportedly achieves high measurement and high environmental performance.

The excimer lamps emit high-energy 172 nm wavelength light by inducing a dielectric barrier discharge within a xenon gas. The instrument also features new active-path technology for transferring energy from the lamp to the sample. It efficiently irradiates the sample inside the lamp with ultraviolet light to reliably oxidize organic matter.

The easy-to-use TOC-1000e analyzer improves efficiency with a simple configuration designed to be maintenance-free under standard use for a year. The only parts that need to be replaced during regular maintenance are the excimer lamp and pump head. Operators can access both parts through the front door of the analyzer and easily remove or install them without using any tools.

Additional features include a smart user interface and large touch-panel screen that provide exceptional visibility and operability. The indicator clearly shows the analyzer’s status, such as standby, measurement in progress or active warning. The small and lightweight TOC-1000e analyzer can be installed on a tabletop or mounted to a wall or pole using an optional bracket kit. A sampler can be attached to the side to calibrate the analyzer onsite, offering the flexibility to choose the most convenient location for installation.