RedWave Technology Introduces XplorIR Gas ID System

May 23, 2022
Gas identification system is designed for emergency response missions.

Homeland security company RedWave Technology introduces the XplorIR, a gas-identification system specifically developed for emergency response missions. The XplorIR reportedly can identify over 5,500 gases at low part per million (ppm) concentrations.  It is the first handheld FTIR identification tool with this breadth and sensitivity, according to the company. The lightweight device can be used on scene, measuring the gas at its source.  The XplorIR can identify dangerous gases including toxic industrial compounds (TICs), flammables, corrosives, industrial gases and many other chemicals at operationally relevant levels.

While teams have many tools to detect an unknown gas, there is no technology that allows responders to quickly identify a gas with a high level of accuracy, according to the company. With the XplorIR, emergency response teams can quickly identify exactly what gas they are encountering so they can develop a mitigation plan. The core technology behind the XplorIR is FTIR spectroscopy. Advancements in both optical design and computational algorithms allow operation in the most rigorous conditions. The XplorIR reportedly was designed for emergency responders with significant input from emergency response teams around the country.

RedWave Technology also builds the ThreatID, a portable chemical threat identifier that can identify thousands of gas, powder and liquid threats all in one device.