Cargill Introduces 'Green Plastics' To Brazil

July 15, 2009

Cargill's Ingeo bioplastics from NatureWorks, a solution that replaces petroleum-based plastics with a performance material made from plants, will be sold in Brazil through Cargill’s Starches and Sweeteners business unit.

“The introduction of Ingeo plastics and fibers adds a sustainable product to our portfolio and delivers an innovation to our customers that allows them to help the environment in two ways,” said Marcelo de Andrade, director of Cargill’s Starches and Sweeteners Brazil.  “Ingeo not only has the lowest carbon footprint of any commercially available plastic, but also offers entirely new options for recovery after its useful life.”

Ingeobiopolymers are derived from sugar, a renewable raw material, and are said to offer a more responsible material replacement for a breadth of conventional plastic applications. The production process for Ingeoproducts generates 60% less greenhouse gas and requires 50% less fossil fuel compared with production of Polyethylene Terephthalate, according to Cargill. In addition to these front end benefits, Ingeo products fit all existing disposal systems and offer new options for composting and feedstock recovery.

“Conventional plastics available today in the market require years to degrade in nature,” Andrade explained. “The biodegradable nature of Ingeo enables it to degrade in only three to four months in industrial composting conditions (80% humidity and a constant temperature of 60°C).”

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