EPA Awards Highlight Green Technologies

Aug. 31, 2015
20th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards highlight biomass and waste-to-resource technologies.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 20th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards (PGCCA) honor five companies and one individual for their landmark green technologies, according to an article on the EPA website. The innovations are designed to turn critical environmental issues into business opportunities and spur economic development.

The winners include:

  • Algenol in Fort Myers, Florida for developing a blue-green algae to produce ethanol and other fuels.
  • Hybrid Coating Technologies/Nanotech Industries of Daly City, California for developing a safer, plant-based polyurethane for use on floors, furniture and in foam insulation.
  • LanzaTech in Skokie, Illinois for the development of a process that uses waste gas to produce fuels and chemicals, reducing companies’ carbon footprint.
  • SOLTEX (Synthetic Oils and Lubricants of Texas) in Houston, Texas for developing a new chemical reaction process that eliminates the use of water and reduces hazardous chemicals in the production of additives for lubricants and gasoline.
  • Renmatix in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for developing a process using supercritical water to more cost effectively break down plant material into sugars used as building blocks for renewable chemicals and fuels.
  • Professor Eugene Chen of Colorado State University for developing a process that uses plant-based materials in the production of renewable chemicals and liquid fuels.

An independent panel of technical experts convened by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute selects the winners.

Read the entire article here.

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