Cibus Global Companies Partner With Fermic On New Fermentation Processes

July 5, 2017
Nucelis and Fermic enter partnership to bring naturally-sourced specialty ingredients to market.

Nucelis and Cibus enter into a partnership agreement with Fermic to develop fermentation and associated downstream manufacturing processes aimed at the commercialization of naturally-sourced specialty ingredients for the food and personal care markets. Based in San Diego, Nucelis and Cibus are affiliate companies of biotech company Cibus Global. Cibus commercialized its first product, SU Canola, in North Dakota and other U.S. states. Nucelis is leveraging the platform in microorganisms to generate sustainably-sourced high value specialty ingredients for the food, flavor and fragrance, and personal care markets, according to the company.

“We are very pleased to announce this agreement today and delighted to be working with a prestigious partner like Fermic,” says Sean O’Connor, Ph.D., president and CEO of Nucelis. “Together we plan on developing and launching a range of specialty ingredients for the food and cosmetic industries. Our first product is vitamin D2 with which we plan to help meet the growing demand for this sustainable and vegan form of vitamin D.”

Fermic, a fermentation-based manufacturer headquartered in Mexico City, is reportedly a longstanding producer and seller of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical actives ingredients. Fermic also provides toll production and process development services to many customers in several key industrial biotechnology markets.

“As Nucelis and Fermic work together to commercialize ingredient solutions for these high-demand markets, we plan to meet the needs of consumers who want the food they eat and personal care products they use to be natural and sustainable,” says Alessandro Falzoni, CEO of Fermic.

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