IChemE Honors Roland Clift For Championing Sustainability

July 12, 2017
Professor Roland Clift is awarded the 12th George E Davis Medal.

Professor Roland Clift, reportedly the leading thinker in industrial ecology and sustainability, is awarded the 12th George E Davis Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). More than 100 guests assembled at the Royal Academy of Engineering in central London to see Clift recognized for his work in applying chemical engineering ideas to economic, environmental and social challenges to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.

Clift received the medal after delivering the 12th George E Davis Lecture, in which he described the role of chemical engineers in delivering a resource efficient and more sustainable world. Clift urged chemical engineers to find new ways to approach problems in sustainability, with the clear aim of passing planet earth to future generations in a “decent condition.” Much of the blame for the world’s travails was pinned firmly on the short-term thinking of economists, who Clift asserts had scant comprehension of the thermodynamic laws that are hard-wired into the universe.

“Imagine a world where everything is made to last,” was Clift’s closing observation, before urging the audience to “wake up” and consider the fate of their grandchildren.

The George E Davis Medal is the highest honor awarded by IChemE. It is presented to individuals for a significant contribution to the chemical engineering.

Clift’s Lecture was streamed live at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on Thursday 6 July. It is available to watch here: www.facebook.com/icheme1

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