Electric Nose Sniffs Out Disease On Your Breath

Dec. 12, 2017
The experimental technology, which uses nanorays, can detect up to 17 potential diseases with up to 86% accuracy.

Your breath gives away more than the garlic fries you chowed down at lunch. According to an article from CNN, a new electric nose developed by researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology can analyze breath and detect diseases such as Parkinson's, various cancers, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and Crohn's.

The experimental technology, dubbed Na-Nose, reportedly uses nanorays to analyze the composition of a person’s breath and identify up to 17 potential diseases with up to 86% accuracy. Unlike blood draws and other health screenings, the technology is non-invasive and relies on a sensor chamber with a breathing tube and software to interpret our individual chemical “fingerprints,” according to the article. Smell has long been recognized as a potential diagnostic tool, with canines, fruit flies and even rats being tapped to sniff out various diseases.

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