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Carpet Recycling Technology Yields Polymer For Chemical Industry

March 19, 2019
Circular Polymers will process 30 million pounds of carpet annually.

Circular Polymers facility

A team of recycling industry veterans forms a new company, Circular Polymers, to supply the chemical recycling industry with consistent, high quality feedstock made from post-consumer carpet and other plastic destined for landfill. The company has the exclusive rights to a proprietary carpet recycling technology developed by Broadview Group International (BGI). Circular Polymers’ new facility in Lincoln, California will process some 30 million pounds of carpet per year, with plans to expand further, according to the company.

“Our technology disassembles the carpet then cleans the fibers, thus maximizing yield while providing superior quality,” BGI President Joe Bork says. “The technology processes all carpet types: Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PET and Polypropylene.”

Major brand companies working with chemical recyclers need clean, sustainable supplies of feedstock, according to Dave Bender, Circular Polymers CEO. “Chemical recycling is the solution to global demand for recycled feedstocks in a circular economy,” says Bender. “We understand that chemical recycling operations require the conversion of waste into a raw material with strictly defined specifications. With more than 25% of all recycled bottles getting downcycled into carpet and fiber, Circular Polymers has created a figure eight in the circular economy, enabling upcycling of carpet into bottles.”

Circular Polymers and BGI completed the Lincoln plant expansion in December 2018. “Circular Polymers expects to grow significantly to support our customer requirements,” says Nick Fiore, Circular Polymers president. “The chemical recycling industry is in its infancy. Four billion pounds of carpet landfilled annually provides the feedstock for growth.”

Circular Polymers received a grant from Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) in December 2018 to add new BGI equipment to remove and separate the polypropylene backing fiber from the carpet face fiber.

For more information, visit: www.circularpolymers.com

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