FM Global Offers Guidance To Help Businesses Emerge From COVID-19 Crisis

May 22, 2020
FM Global’s property loss prevention engineers design guidance on how to approach the restart of operations to help ensure it is accomplished as smoothly and as safely as possible.

As many parts of the world begin to ease restrictions and move toward restarting the economy and industrial activity, FM Global is making its pandemic-related client resources available to the public to “help all businesses successfully emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.” FM Global’s property loss prevention engineers have designed a guide, “Precautions for Restarting and Restoring Operations,” that provides guidance on how companies can approach the restart of operations to help ensure it is accomplished as smoothly and as safely as possible, according to the company.

Normal times present their share of property risk challenges, says FM Global, which are amplified by the current conditions. The guide includes steps businesses can take to help them:

  • Develop an overall strategy/plan
  • Evaluate restarting processes and equipment
  • Manage human element programs
  • Evaluate the site and building
  • Manage temporary construction and processes
  • Evaluate cyber hazards
  • Verify fire protection systems are in service
  • Evaluate natural hazard preparedness
  • Capture lessons learned

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