BASF Introduces New Disinfectants To Fight COVID-19 In Canada

July 3, 2020
BASF responds to COVID-19 with additional cleaning and disinfectant products.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in preparation for the re-opening of the economy, BASF is expanding its cleaning and disinfecting product line in Canada with two new offerings: Instant Soap ‘n Water Foaming Cleanser and Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 and 2.

Instant Soap ‘n Water Foaming Cleanser is designed for use when there is no access to running water and soap. It is often used in the field when there are no hand-washing stations. It contains natural, saponified soaps and water and can be used not only for cleaning hands and skin but other surfaces such as laminate, stainless steel, porcelain, paint and plastic.

Registered by Health Canada, Sterilex Ultra-Kleen is a two-part liquid concentrate that is mixed together at the time of use to disinfect and sanitize. The product is most commonly used in the food processing and animal health industries to target organisms that commonly form biofilms and disinfect surfaces to enhance safety measures.

To further prepare for the re-opening of the economy, BASF declares commitment to POST Promise to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The self-declaration focuses on communicating and taking action on five key steps to workplace safety which include washing and sanitizing hands, maintaining physical distancing, staying home if unwell, practicing respiratory etiquette and cleaning and disinfecting regularly. BASF also supports Rapid Response Platform (RPP), a central supply and demand platform aimed at quickly addressing supply shortages of PPE and critical COVID-19 related products.

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