AIHA Offers Occupational Health Resources For Chemical Industry

Aug. 7, 2020
Occupational health professionals urge chemical manufacturers to protect the health of their workers.

To reduce health risks, AIHA, an association for occupational health and safety science professionals, announces the availability of free resources to educate chemical manufacturers about the health risks associated with exposure to chemicals. Chemical manufacturers seeking resources regarding protecting the health of their workers can find help at a new website, Chemical manufacturers can also be connected with an OHS professional.

“The exposure risks to chemical manufacturing employees are unique. Chemical formulas change frequently, as do the risks and controls applied in the manufacturing of those chemicals,” says Nancy McClellan, MPH, CIH, CHMM, Occupational Health Management, PLLC, and chair of the University of Michigan School of Public Health External Advisory Board. “With the trend of high hazard manufacturing returning to the U.S., there is an even greater need to develop stronger health and safety risk assessment and control strategies for effective IH program management.” 

Lindsay Cook, CIH, CSP, president of the AIHA board of directors says, “Your employees are your most valuable resource and occupational health and safety professionals play a critical role in assessing risk and keeping them safe. They identify potential risks – not just the ones that are obvious today, but the ones that can have long-term effects, some of which take 20 years to surface.”

AIHA also has valuable resources for employers including a Guide for Recovering from COVID-19 Building Closures. Most recently in response to the pandemic, AIHA introduced the “Back to Work Safely” initiative to help employers and employees get back to work safely with industry sector specific guidelines and resources. These free guidelines include recommendations on ventilation, personal hygiene, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning. Guidelines are available for the following industries (with many in Spanish):

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